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278+ photos, 12 life lessons from solo adventures, 6 destination guides… Sprinkled with a few personal travel stories, hand-picked markets to visit around the world, a lesson in how to barter like a boss, and you have 1 book: WANDER LOVE. My debut internationally published coffee table book!


I composed the chapters to unfold as you would naturally get to know someone—in layers.

It begins with a personable letter from me to you and a look inside the ‘wanderful’ world of The Love Assembly: how the idea came to fruition, the essential tools of a digital nomad’s office along with photography tips to help you run a travel blog of your own. I help you navigate through the five stages of travel, from packing and style on the road, how to best capture moments while creating better memories, right through to bringing your travels home.

There are the WANDER LOVE travel guides for six destinations around the world my heart has wandered to (with yours waiting to do the same), and a collection of the must-visit markets for treasure hunting around the world, plus a lesson in how to barter like a #boss.

Then I get deeper into the topic through travel philosophy. As much as I do love creating beautiful travel photographs, the concept of travel to me is so much more than just that. I explore what it means to travel creatively, curiously and mindfully, and share life lessons from solo adventures by using this act as a form of self development and personal growth — achieving the ultimate feeling of empowerment and liberation. This is something I stand strong in believing that every woman should do, at least once in life.

All that I ever wish to share with someone; anyone, is that a step out of the comfort zone and into the unknown can lead to some incredible places in life that you would have never ever even dreamt about…

Whether you’re wanting to explore a new country, a new career path or simply need a wanderlust escape from your 9-5, I created this book for you. Hopefully it serves as a reminder that you create your own reality, and you too can design a life that you truly love.




The launch of WANDER LOVE was held in Australia’s largest bookstore: Kinokuniya Bookstore & Gallery in The Galeries, Sydney Australia. I had an intimate group including family and friends to celebrate, an Author Q&A, signed copies and held a competition for a lucky attendee to win an exclusive WANDER LOVE experience that included a one night stay for two at boutique hotel QT, unique dining experience at Gowings Bar & Grill, and a brand new Panasonic camera to capture it all.


Hardie Grant Publishing, Kinokuniya Bookstore & Gallery, QT Hotels, Panasonic Lumix, Madame Dry.


“The more chances we give ourselves to discover PARTS OF the world, the more chances we get to discover parts of ourselves.”