the love assembly
the love assembly
Solo Female Travel Blog + Work Online with Content Creator and Blogger Aubrey Daquinag

HEY, HI, HOLA! I’m aubrey.

I've been traveling the world and working creatively online for over 5+ years, and have been able to call the world my office doing what I love: capturing the beauty of travel whilst discovering more about myself and self-care practices. I know first hand that a step out of the comfort zone can lead you to some pretty incredible places... and I'm here to inspire and empower you to design a life you truly love.



Start your OWN ADVENTURE today!

I’m not just all talk y’know. I get it, solo adventures can be scary — especially for a young female. But I know how much of a big part it plays in self-discovery and self-love. That’s why when my international publisher approached me to create just a travel photography book, I created a whole pitch to include my written words and personal stories to truly connect with you for my debut book WANDER LOVE .


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