Life Unfolds In Proportion To Your Courage

I deeply respect and admire the courageous; the dreamers following their passion, the entrepreneurs taking risks, the people that choose to live life without the confines of fear.I can honestly say that quitting my full time job to dedicate myself to building my dreams of The Love Assembly has been one of the biggest life changing decisions I’ve ever made. Although it wasn’t easy to take that leap (it took plenty of thoughts, tears, conquering fears and late night/early morning brainstorming sessions with pen - or more so whiteboard markers - to paper with my ever so patient boyfriend) there had always been a part of me that knew I had to do it and make it happen.Inspirational Quotes: Life & Courage | the love assemblyWe’re responsible for our own decisions, our own achievements, and our own happiness. Sometimes fear sets us back, but making decisions with courage rather than fear is so much more rewarding. That’s where the magic happens. Where the sparks fly. Where the wild flowers bloom. Something we can only see and experience in hindsight.Going into the unknown always feels a little shaky; there’s no guarantee’s, for success, for satisfaction, happiness or whatever it is you’re seeking.Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. Dream big, take that leap of faith and immerse yourself in creating the life you want to live. The life you love to live.But what if I fall? You ask.Oh, but baby, what if you fly?Sign up to receive The Love Assembly newsletter here.