What To Wear in Bali (Or Any Tropical Travel Destination)

There's something about Bali that keeps pulling me back. Or maybe it's the island life in general? You should know by now how much I love island life. Anyway, I've also learnt from multiple trips to Bali to keep it minimal when it comes to packing. It's humid all year round no matter what season it is. There's no doubt you'll sweat and there's definitely no other way to dress but to keep it light and comfortable. Here's a few tips on what to wear in Bali, along with a couple of outfits I wore from my recent travels. This would also work when packing for any other tropical destination, I guess.  

What To Wear in Bali Indonesia - Travel Fashion BlogMarysia Swim bandeau, H&M bikini bottom (similar here


Mix & Match bikini's

You're going to be in and around the ocean - or water for that matter - pretty much all day, everyday (unless of course you make a trip to the mountains like Ubud. But then again, you'd be mad not to rent accommodation with an infinity pool overlooking the rice fields or somewhere similar). You know what that means? You'll be living in your bikini. I wear a bikini the majority of the days I'm travelling and living the island life - you never know when you're going to spontaneously stumble upon a hidden beach whilst wandering. I like to mix and match mine, as you can tell from above. I prefer a bandeau top not only because bandeau's are best for a small bust but because it can equally be worn as a top when paired with a high-waisted bottom like culottes, shorts or a maxi skirt. They become an acceptable top (as opposed to a triangle style bikini) for a beach-to-bar look, especially when they're super cute like these bandeaus from Marysia Swim.What To Wear in Bali Indonesia - Travel Fashion BlogWhat To Wear in Bali Indonesia - Travel Fashion Blog[show_shopthepost_widget id="837908"] 

Light, loose and comfortable

If I could walk everywhere barefoot and in flowy white dresses, I would. It's a taste of freedom... and when you're surrounded by so much lush greenery it's hard to resist. Dresses should always be a part of your travel wardrobe - make sure to keep them light, loose and comfortable for tropical destinations like Bali. There's nothing more uncomfortable than sweating whilst you're out for the day and having your clothes stick onto you. No thank you!For accessories, a hat is a must. It's sunny and yeah you (should) have your SPF on but your face will thank you in the future for the extra protection from the sun. To keep it in theme I like to pair my outfit with a handmade neutral coloured bag. I also have a scarf always with me, one that's an all-rounder and can be used as a head scarf on the beach, to be respectful and cover the shoulders when visiting temples, and act as a cardigan when it gets a little chilly in the evening (very rare) or keep the mosquitoes away. What To Wear in Bali Indonesia - Travel Fashion Blog[show_shopthepost_widget id="837923"] 

Keep the colours fresh

Playsuits are my second favourite travel uniform. The only downfall is that when you need to go to the toilet it can get a little time consuming or tricky. Other than that they're equally as easy as dresses to slip on and go, go, go for the day. Breathable material is best for both, think all natural fabrics like cotton and/or linen in colours that make you feel fresh: whites, pastels, maybe even brights colours for some of you. This goes for separates also - light and loose, comfortable and breathable. A mix of cami's, plain t-shirts, high waisted/denim shorts, and wide leg linen pants are all you really need to keep it casual yet stylish. Then sprinkle a little something fancy in your travel wardrobe for special occasions like cliffside dinner and cocktails. What do you like to wear in tropical destinations like Bali? I'd love to know - share your travel outfits or tips in the comments below.