As I sort through my tons of photos from Paris I'm already missing it so. A sense of nostalgia; that one perfect week in Spring. All felt so surreal and wonderfully right, it made me wonder why I hadn't come here sooner. I don’t know why I ever left travelling to Europe, especially to Paris for so long. Why I didn’t take that gap year in my teens, get a working visa or just packed up and went on a backpacking trip for a couple of months. Paris had been on my bucket list ever since I was in high school and my favourite band was The Ataris. This song was the song; it stemmed my infatuation, my rebel infatuation (ha!) of writing my name on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower.

Year after year I’ve lived through many photos by others and their experience, and so at the beginning of this year I promised myself that this year would be my chance to see that side of the world with my own eyes. My perfect excuse - although any excuse would be a perfect excuse - was that I would buy myself a ticket to celebrate my 25th birthday in Paris. And I did. And now I do know one thing, it was well worth the wait...

Waking up to birthday gifts from my nearest & dearest. There were no vases in our apartment so I filled up the red wine bottles we finished with water and placed those magical rose peonies in each.

Turning the corner at Trocadero Square and secretly wishing that my favourite band would be playing another Take Away Show... can you imagine?! (!!!) Those guys were lucky, Phoenix are amazing live!

On top of the Eiffel Tower and on top of the world! Pinching myself and having a moment to take in everything in my life that I'm so lucky to experience and able to tick off my bucket list. So emotional Aubrey!!

Champagne & 'Happy Birthday's' on top of the Eiffel Tower, feelings of happiness at an all time high.

Seeing the city with our vélibs and riding from the 6th back to our humble abode in the 17th.

1 May 2013

There's a first time for everything but I've never experienced a day filled with so many! This was my first birthday in Paris; my first time in Paris, my first lunch with snails on the menu (which were surprisingly good, nothing like I expected!) and my first Teppanyaki dinner. This was a completely wonderful, romantic, joyful, eye-opening, amazing (all the words you can relate) first time in Paris... but definitely not the last.Paris, Je t'aime...
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