This Is What Happens When You Follow Your Dreams


16,466ft / 5,020m above sea level at maximum altitude. My first hike. 📍Rainbow Mountain, Peru.

There’s a story waiting to be told in all of us.

The best way to start? Living a life confidently in the direction of your dreams.

If you look back on our Instagram, our very first post was this: "Your dream job doesn’t exist. You must create it." Ironically, I chose to quit my full time job many years ago to follow my dreams without having a concrete idea of actually knowing what to do.I chose to take time to relish in travelling for a couple of months discovering new destinations and experiencing different cultures I was passionate about. All I had was the drive to pursue, the curiosity to see where it would lead, and the courage to take that leap.When I think about it, that’s all that you need to take that chance in pursuit of your dreams. Being aware that you need to grow your wings and learn to fly on the way down. That’s how I turned my travel dreams into reality, and eventually into my full time work as a travel photographer and blogger. All whilst building a community of like-minded individuals (like you!) to share this crazy-wild-awesome journey with. 


Soaring bamboo stalks up to 35 metres high. Always look up. Japan with Tourism Japan.📍Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto.

What happens when you choose to follow your dreams

When you choose to follow your dreams you not only open your mind and become inspired, but also give yourself the chance to expand your creativity and take action in achieving something great.When you choose to follow your dreams you not only discover new parts of this amazing world but also new parts of yourself.When you choose to follow your dreams you not only take footsteps on your destined path, but allow to be lead to places you would have never imagined; opportunities you never knew even existed.When you choose to follow your dreams you not only write your story but you create yourself; becoming the best version of yourself that you could ever possibly be.  


84% of us have Europe as a top travel destination. Dreaming Far.📍Shoreditch, London.

How you can get started with turning your dreams into reality

1. Create a vision board of your dreams. Include pictures, words, objects, dates - anything that brings your dream into life.

2. One by one, break down your dream with steps to making it happen. This could include anything from a specific savings goal to skills to learn before leaving for a trip.

3. Set up a plan of action by allocating time every week with tasks that bring you closer to your dreams. 

Sticking to your plan, and each of the weekly tasks, is the key to making it happen.

There's a bigger story to discover in all of us.

What’s your travel dream? 

This post is in collaboration and sponsored by CommBank's DreamFar team, who are supportive of making travel dreams come true. All opinions are, as always, my own. DreamFar by Commbank is designed to help you turn something you're passionate about into reality, by giving you everything you need to make your travel dream possible.