A Day Trip: Things To See and Do In Ubud

Ubud is a nice change of pace and scenery from the main strip of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak in Bali. Its refreshing greenery makes days more cool and relaxing when the weather gets hot and humid. For first timers, it's suggested to visit the Monkey Forest in Ubud. We visited it on our first trip to Bali and made a day out of it by also going to the Rice Fields and Ubud Markets.We stopped over on top of the rice fields and sat under a little hut to try Kopi Luwak and sip on fresh coconuts. I spotted these ladies who walked from the top of the fields right down to the bottom with sacks of rice on their heads in a matter of minutes:
 I was a little hesitant with going to the Monkey Forest - only really because I have the worst luck with animals. We went and at the entrance you can buy fruit to feed the monkeys and you're also warned not to have any food in your bag because they can smell it and will rummage for it. I double-checked my bag to make sure I had no food in there and it was all clear.We found the monkeys quite interesting, our first encounter was sitting in the middle of the cobblestoned aisle wrapping a leaf around a rock and scraping it on the ground, almost drawing with it. This is probably as close as I got to one of the monkeys:  After a while you kind of get used to them just randomly popping out of nowhere and tend to gravitate and be amused by the unusual things, like this guy trying to open a popper to have a drink:  Or this guy peacefully enjoying his cheetos:  Just when I was warming up to them one jumped on my bag and was hanging off of it! I was so terrified I gave my bag to my boyfriend and as you can see, started taking photos (haha!) I was so scared, I thought he was going to take my wallet/money/mobile..that's all I can really think of that was in there. After a few minutes he found what he was looking for, took it and quickly climbed up a tree...  It was a packet of Panadol! My panadol!Getting mugged by a monkey was not cool, but definitely a funny first experience when looking back. After that we left, had lunch and strolled through Ubud Markets. Here you'll find printed sari's and scarves, little baskets (weaved, which they use for Balinese offerings and beaded, great for interior decorations) a little bit of clothing, jewellery and beaded accessories and those inevitable 'I heart Bali' and 'Bintang' stubby holders - which are pretty much everywhere.
  Apart from a busy day like that, you can easily find peace by just relaxing in your villa overlooking nature and pampering yourself endlessly.There's always options.
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