Tulum Mexico Travel Vlog


You know those places that you dream about; those places that only exist in the pictures that you paint in your head and photos you only see through the lens of others? Then, when you finally find yourself on that side of the world it just feels so surreal. Mexico was that for me, more specifically Tulum: the resort town on Mexico’s Caribbean coast.It all started a few years back when I first came across Coqui Coqui, and my interest in the story behind how the couple started this beautiful boutique hotel. It’s a shame that it was shut down when I finally made my wandering heart over (along with many other hotels mid 2016 due to Mexican law not allowing foreigners to own oceanfront property outright - resulting in plenty of evictions) but the destination as a whole, oh man, I don’t even have words… Let’s just say I fell, and I fell hard.The trip was split in two: the first half for a yoga retreat with The Pure Tribe (hello to more inversions! woop woop) then the rest? Time to just live; meet up with some old friends and hang with some new ones. The kind of no pressure travel that I like to squeeze in-between photography work trips.

When you travel solo you allow more time for yourself to reflect. I think this has got to be one of my favourite things about it. I can’t help it, I’m a life romantic… and unapologetically, whole-fully, lovingly so. I remember receiving a message that a dear friend sent to me while I was over there, “I can’t believe you’re in Talum! You’ve always wanted to go there! Congrats you did it! Hope all is well.” it read.Firstly, I corrected his spelling (Haha). But it made me reflect even more as I realised OH YEAH, I was in Mexico… In Tulum! That place that only ever existed to me in the pictures I painted in my head and the photos that I only saw through the lens of others. It’s that rare feeling, the same that I felt when I saw the Taj Mahal for the first time.

Hard to explain;easier experienced than defined;best for the soul when consistently achieved.

It’s the pace of this town, the kind of pace that naturally lends the attire of slipping on flowy dresses, SPF only, untamed wild hair and 'no shoes, no worries!'. The sunshine, nourishing food (Mexican es mi favorito!) letting go, and happy hearts. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s free - oh so free... It’s me. And I’m sure in some way it’s you, too.I lost a lot of footage when I said a sad adios to my iPhone and then there were other times I wish I had a go pro to capture swimming with turtles etc., but I hope that you enjoy and feel all of the love through a few of my adventures captured on film in Tulum.

Here’s some timestamps, because who doesn’t love timestamps? But feel free to leave a comment or ask if you have any questions.

00:37 How To: Flower Beard
01:16 Tree Of Life0
1:30 Best (AND OH SO BIG) juices at Posada Margherita
01:33 Happiness Expedition
01:35 7pesos Tacos for breakfast!
01:40 My friend Felicia and I rented a dream apartment, surrounded by so much greenery. #junglelife
02:13-2:17 Shopping! All the things I liked.
02:33 Coco Tulum
02:54 Hartwood noms
03:34 Just winging it through life. 

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