Along with memories, most of us out there like to collect tokens of remembrance (or most commonly known as souvenirs) from our travels. I’ve come across those fridges filled with magnets (boring.. no offense! Don’t worry back at home ours is filled with them), walk past my boyfriends shot glass collection all the time and have heard about sending written postcards back home to yourself for keepsakes when you returned from your trip.There’s also those globes; the miniature worlds that you shake for snow or glitter to float around… That get one shake tops and the not-so-occasional shake from a visitor when it’s on display at your house. Probably the kind of item you feel like you need to purchase at every destination you travel to because you bought one on your first trip, and now you feel like you have to keep up with the collection. I say quit it, save some valuable luggage space and go treasure hunting on your travels instead!Travel treasure