Travelling Alone? Here's Your Solo Travel Checklist

Travelling alone can seem - at first - absolutely daunting. You will have no one to depend on and you will do everything by yourself. Although these two points are very true and could perhaps be seen in a negative way, there’s actually many more positives that come with the experience of travelling solo. Firstly, having no one to depend on but yourself builds confidence for any situation and doing everything by yourself establishes your true interests and is extremely liberating. Plus, you meet plenty of new friends along your journey, so you’re not entirely experiencing it on your own!And you know what they say, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. So I’ve teamed up with Australia Post to get you started in preparation for your first solo travels with a solo travel checklist:


solo travel checklist

Travel Research

Choosing your destination/s when you plan on travelling alone is the beginning of your grand adventure, and an extremely exciting one at that. Collect stories from people, create a vision board and do your travel research to determine which countries would be best suited for your solo trip based on your interests. Eg. dancing lessons in South America, a yoga wellness retreat in Bali or backpacking and hiking in Europe. The best part? Planning everything that you want to do. 


Ah, the little book of wanderlust stories. Organise your passport (if you haven’t got one already) and be aware of any kind of visas you will need to enter any new countries, as well as any restrictions, such as how long you can stay in a country. 

Travel Insurance

As much as we try to make everything go to plan, some unfortunate things can happen unexpectedly. It’s better to be safe than sorry and put your mind at ease with insurance to cover any unwanted mishaps. A must in my books! 


With new places come new foods, cultures, people, animals and environments. I hate needles, but for my solo trip to South America it was a necessity for me to get three vaccinations. Some good news is that we no longer have to re-do yellow fever from now on. You should get a certificate of vaccination as international regulations require proof of yellow fever vaccination for travel to and from certain countries. You can find out more at your local GP about what vaccinations you willneed to protect yourself while you’re on the road. 

Smart Traveller

Along with telling your family and friends about your solo travel adventures, register your travels online as this allows both the government and your loved ones to be aware of your whereabouts in the world. 

Foreign Cash

Notifying your bank about your trip is important to ensure you have access to your cards, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to have some cash as well before you arrive to your solo travel destination. Just like basic local language phrases, I always make sure to fill my travel wallet with local currency before landing to kick-start the trip with ease. This could be anything from cab rides and snacks, to using the toilet (yes there are places that you need to pay to use the toilet and toilet paper!) and a top new destination activity: market shopping. Australia Post Foreign Cash now sells over 60 currencies that you can order online which makes it super easy. Plus when you buy your cash online you’ll get $0 commission on your foreign cash purchases, so you can save your pennies on those annoying commission fees! 

Travel Documents

Boost your organisational skills while you’re at it and invest in a travel wallet that can hold all of your travel documents as well as your foreign cash. The best ones I think are in the size of a boarding pass. Here’s a list of the important travel documents and details to keep:

- Photocopy of passport
- Reservation details made prior to your trip
- Tickets and itineraries
- Emergency contacts
- Embassy details 


Then the packing begins… Get excited, you can do this!
Which country are you looking to travel solo? Let me know in the comments below!  

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This post is sponsored by Australia Post. All opinions are, as always, my own.