Spoilt ourselves on the weekend with a road trip to seclusion, beautiful coastal views, the sound of crashing waves, juicy watermelon snacks and a bit of R&R. Where, you ask? Just about an hour north from Sydney at our favourite secret-but-not-so-secret-now place to escape - Little Beach at Australia's Central Coast in NSW.Fast paced weeks fly on by so quickly I often wish that I lived right by the ocean to wind down after a busy day. Usually we set up to go camping and travel here to stay for a couple of nights but a day out is just as rewarding.Travel - Central Coast, AustraliaYou're accompanied with an idyllic feeling as you begin trekking barefoot on a long bed of giant stones with only your backpack of necessities for the day. As you turn that never-ending corner you're welcomed with the shore so picturesque it almost looks like you've walked into a real life painting; birds chirping, waves crashing, and no one in sight. Endless puddles fill the spaces between the rocks with reflections of the crisp white clouds in the blue sky.You take a picture of it.He takes a picture of you...
Travel - Central Coast, NSW AustraliaTravel - Central Coast, AustraliaTravel - Central Coast, AustraliaA few tips:Wear comfortable shoes - To get to the campsite area, the beach and further along to this view there's a 750m walk from the carpark through bush that you need to pace through first. It's worth it, but if you're wearing anything uncomfortable on your feet you may find it a little difficult without the proper support. Go barefoot or have thongs handy for after. A simple and practical outfit is also ideal, I'm wearing a white tee, black shorts, espadrilles, some sunglasses and a panama hat above. Don't forget your bikini too!Only bring the necessities - The 750m bush walk isn't just flat, it's filled with steep hills; up and down. Pack to a minimum if you're only there for a day out. If you're camping and bringing alot more for meals and a couple of nights bring one of those light wheel trolleys to help you either pull of push your belongings. Some people also bring along wheel barrows to make it easier.Block yourself out from the digital world - As much as you want to put up a photo or status update as soon as you arrive, just be there. Taking photos are quick and easy so capture time standing still but upload them later (the time you take to choose a filter and think of what to write takes away long precious time!). Some might find that you don't get reception here anyway so it's a good time to just be in the moment, in whole.
All Photos: Aubrey Daquinag and Paul Serra for The Love Assembly