Travel In Style: Simple Ways To Be A Fashionable Traveller

Travel is all about immersing yourself in each destinations culture. Embrace everything - the people, the places, the food and the fashion. My personal style is highly influenced by my travels and looking like a local has always been my preference when it comes to dressing for each trip.I've built up a routine for when it's time to pack my bags for another adventure as it can get overwhelming and result to throwing too much or too little into your suitcase. I wanted to share these few simple ways (that are also practical!) to be a fashionable traveller to help you with packing and styling for your next holiday! 

Travel In Style: Simple Ways To Be A Fashionable Traveller

Travel Fashion: Packing 

Work with the basics then build your look with accessories.

A neutral wardrobe is best while you’re travelling, choose to pack pieces that mix and match and can be worn in more ways than one. Depending on the weather and culture of your destination this can consist of dark jeans (skinny or straight - your choice!), a little black dress + little white dress (best for sunny destinations!), a plain white tee, a cotton button up blouse and ballet flats. Try different combinations for each garment and remember layering is key. Accessories can instantly make each piece look completely different, pack scarves and/or jewellery - or pick them up while you’re on your travels - in different colours, styles and prints to add some personality to your overall look.

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Try different hair styles.

Instead of the same old ponytail or straight mane try mix up your hairstyles to suit both your events planned for the day and your look. It could be 2 plaits from the front of each side then a low pony or even just a change from a middle part to a side part and vice versa. Here are some beautiful hair tutorials to get yourself creative with your hair. The ‘ponytail twist’ and ‘rope bun’ are my favourites. They’re super simple but can make a big difference to your look while you’re travelling. Or wear a hat! Fedoras are a stylish alternative if you end up getting lazy.

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Carry a decent-sized cross body bag

Some of you may or may not pack this already, but a decent-sized cross body bag is the way to go for your day-to-day activities when traveling. By decent, I mean something big enough to fit your everyday essentials (i.e keys/hotel card, wallet, phone, map, compact camera and lip balm) but small enough to be able to sit on the side of your hip without being too heavy or bulky. They’re also convenient when you find yourself navigating through crowded places which is most likely where a lot of pickpockets hang, unlike a backpack at least you can just swing it to your front and hold onto your valuables. There’s also no point lugging around your big tote bag all day, with a decent-sized cross body bag you’re hands free and will be shopping, taking photos and eating gelato with ease![show_shopthepost_widget id="1080936"] 

Pack a bright lip.

Along with your beauty kit (I suggest minimal or natural make-up) a smudge of colour to your lips can instantly dress up your outfit and brighten the face. Choose 2 colours that best matches your skin tone and pack accordingly. My skin is olive and I prefer a classic red or a fun coral in a matte texture. They’re shades that still make a bold statement but aren’t too crazy to be worn throughout the day. These little sticks will make your look a little less ordinary and weigh close to nothing, so pack a couple for options![show_shopthepost_widget id="406351"]I hope these simple tips help you with packing for stylish and practical travel outfits.Please share with your girl friends and happy travels!Photo: Aubrey Daquinag for The Love Assembly