Travel Guide: El Nido, Palawan Island

El Nido, Palawan Island in the Philippines... This is where I found it; unspoiled paradise right here on earth. The people who live here live the simple life. And it’s this simple island life that is ever so attractive for those of us who like to be surrounded by turquoise clear waters, beautiful lagoons and caves, high limestone cliffs and a mainland filled with lots and lots of green.

Travel Guide: El Nido The Philippines

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Do you remember the novel-turned-movie, The Beach? It’s one of my favourite films! Why?

1. Because I love, love, love Leo!2. It always sparks my world of wanderlust.3. The 90’s fashion brings back great memories from my childhood. Velcro strap sandals, kids?4. The soundtrack is awesome.

Fun fact: El Nido in Palawan was actually the inspiration behind the author Alex Garlands’ book. He wrote his best selling novel while living in El Nido Palawan, but for creative licence purposes the movie was set in Koh Phi Phi in Thailand which since has exploded in tourism.

I've recommended this little slice of paradise to my friends and family, so here’s me turning to you this time and saying ‘you need to go!’ because trust me, you’ll definitely have your 'Moby Porcelain' kind of moment here. In this Travel Guide you'll find information and inspiration on:

Getting to and around El Nido, the Weather, Where to Stay, Things To Do, Shopping, What To Pack and Travel Tips You Need To Know Before You Make The Trip. 

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