Wondering What To Wear In India? Here's A Few Tips


India is a country so very rich in culture - the scents, sounds, tastes and colours are all very distinct that it can be quite overwhelming for a foreign first-timer, yet magical and truly captivating at the same time. Women brighten up the streets wearing clothing of vibrant colours and plenty of accessories. Be prepared to respect the culture and blend in with the locals on your unforgettable visit - here’s a few tips on what to wear in India.

What to wear in India via The Love AssemblyIn a few local pieces I purchased from markets and bazaars.📍Jaisalmer, India.


Dress conservatively

Dressing conservatively in India is best to blend in with the locals and avoid any unwanted attention from men by showing too much skin. You’ll see quite a bit of foreigners in less conservative clothing like shorts and singlets, which is generally easier to get away with in larger cities but once you travel out of town (which in my opinion, should be part of anyone’s itinerary in India) you’ll need to cover up. 

Visiting small villages and holy sites

It’s disrespectful to visit any religious site in India wearing a singlet, shorts or skirts above the knee. Pay respect and cover your shoulders (easily done with a scarf) and wear bottoms that cover your knees.


Wear local clothing

Embrace the free-spirited fashion and wear a local designer, a type of style (I was almost always in a kurta whilst in India) or a speciality like block prints or embroidery. I’m a sucker for flowy white embroidered tops and my collection now is happily filled with purchases from a couple of markets and bazaars around India. 

Cotton and linen are your best fabric friends

They’re natural fabrics that are light, breathable, easy-to-wear and super comfortable. Perfect to combat the heat and still respect the culture to dress conservatively. 

Buy a scarf

If it’s only one thing on your shopping list it should be a scarf. You’ll find beautiful designs like pashmina scarves in beautiful colours or a paisley print and embellished or hand embroidered designs. They’re also a great souvenir to bring back and wear at home.A few of my favourite looks on high rotation were simply black leggings, a printed or embroidered kurta (if you choose to wear leggings make sure your top is long like a tunic or an Indian kurta so that it covers your butt!), a block printed dress that I wore on my visit to the Taj Mahal, a lightweight scarf and an embroidered shoulder bag. Read more: