Top 5 Things I Always Take On My Travels

I'm off on another adventure - flying solo and meeting my significant other 8 hours on the other side of the equator to hop on a plane together to paradise. I really can't sit still; the more I wander the more I want to see, the more I see the more I want to wander. No matter where I go there is always a handful of things I always take on my travels. Here they are, right before popping them into my carry on baggage to come along for the ride to the islands of The Philippines:Travel Essentials

Urbanears Headphones, Moleskine & O-check Travel Journals, Lumix GM1 camera, polaroids from Fuji Instax

1. Passport (duh!)Fill the pages with all the colourful, wonderful, nostalgic stamps - it's the pass to flying high and being a free bird, and the little book that sparks a never-ending world of wanderlust.2. HeadphonesThis Stockholm based brand of colourful headphones say that their Plattan style aren't noise-cancelling, but they have the best noise blocking I've heard on a non-noise cancelling headphone! I saw these on a girl lying at Geger Beach on my first ever visit to Bali, with this exact colour, I remember wanting a pair. Fast forward to now and thanks to Urbanears (& Em from WM, thanks Em!) I'm packing them - part of my top 5 travel essentials - because music and travel playlists really do bring the trips you take to life.3. Travel JournalI've filled up quite a few with pictures, feelings, sketches and scraps - like the business cards of all the restaurants I ate at, polaroids of all places and faces close to my heart and little unexpected things I pick up along the way. It's those written words that can really bring you back to a time when all the little things about the journey actually were the big things. The good, the bad, the fun, the insecurities - everything so raw and real.4. CameraMaking time stand still... who wouldn't need/love/want that? Photographs and videos are the best kind of souvenirs to take back from any travels. A pocket sized and polaroid camera are always top on my list.“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” —Andy Warhol5. A neverending state of curiosityThe most important, I think. To let go of all your fears and replace it with curiosity. To try/do/taste/experience new things; things you never thought you could or would. Lose sight of all that familiar comfort and live in the moment, right then and there.Also read: Travel essentials (beauty edition)Safe and happy travels!Photo: Aubrey Daquinag for The Love Assembly