Video: 12 Things To Do In Paris


After sharing our 5 favourite Paris-themed instagram accounts, there's been lots of talk of wanting more Paris tips for some of you who have upcoming travels to the city of light. With that to inspire me, I've created a video for you of things to do in Paris - with a cheeky bonus day trip!My first trip to Paris was just like a daydream; filled with lots of love, getting lost on vélibs, wine on top of the Eiffel Tower (for my birthday)... It was shorter than what I had hoped for, but definitely sweet. 

12 Things To Do in Paris

I've included a few of Paris' best attractions if you're traveling there for the very first time, shopping at an amazing concept store that changes in art and theme every season, and room for you to make up your own day dream. You are in Paris, after all.Hope you enjoy!Read more: Postcards and Polaroids from Paris Subscribe to The Love Assembly TV here.