Life in the Philippines: A New Travel Vlog series

If you’ve been keeping tabs on island destinations around the world you’ve probably heard about the Philippines. It’s been well underrated compared to many of its South East Asian neighbours but let me tell you, it holds an abundance of gems that are still unspoilt. There’s over 7,107 islands and my curious heart has been travelling back and forth each year for many years to discover the places, people and learn more about my culture. For those of you who don’t know, I was born and raised in Australia but yes, I’m Filipino.

3 things about 'Life in the Philippines'

1. I'm not just filming the pretty sites around the Philippines

...because I know that there’s already plenty of that going around for you to be convinced how beautiful this country is. Expect less but be surprised with more.

2. I'm giving you a glimpse into a life here that's raw and real.

Shining the light on other places that are less known, introducing you to some of my friends who are doing creative things in the city and really just documenting days to inspire you and see that there’s adventure in every day, if you just seek it.

3. I just signed a contract with a media agency here to showcase my ‘Life in the Philippines’ travel vlogs around selected screens in metro Manila.

Um.... Yeah, what is life! More on this exciting news soon.I’m only four episodes in but I’ve got so much more to share so make sure you subscribe to The Love Assembly on YouTube and leave a note if you have travelled or would like to travel to the Philippines!

Oh and if you haven’t seen our previous episodes well then you my dear, have some catching up to do - press play and enjoy!

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The Love Assembly travel and lifestyle blog flew to the Philippines as a guest with Cebu Pacific Airways. All opinions, as always, are my own.