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The last destination from my recent European adventure included a stopover in Dubai for two nights. We flew on the A380 from Prague for the very first time and that flight, including the 13 hour one (that felt just like an ordinary 8 hour flight out of Australia) back to Sydney was the smoothest I've ever experienced. One thing's for sure, everything in Dubai was O.T.T. - it was amazing!

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Prague Captured In 13 Photos

You can kind of make out from the photos that there was no sunshine in the weekend we spent in Prague - except for the day we were leaving. Trust! Even though the skies were grey the architecture here was the most amazing to see. I was always rugged up in my beanie and comfortable sneakers to get me through the rainy couple of days spent getting lost (so lost!) in this old city.

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A Taste Of Brussels In 9 Photos

A stop over to Brussels in Belgium was probably more surprisingly good as I expected. Everyone I had asked about Brussels either didn't say there was much to do there or didn't say much at all. We did a short 1 day stop-over before heading to Germany to visit my other-travelling-half's family and it wasn't too bad at all. Although I guess I would say that 1 day is all you need, really.

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