Prague Captured In 13 Photos

You can kind of make out from the photos that there was no sunshine in the weekend we spent in Prague - except for the day we were leaving. Trust! Even though the skies were grey the architecture here was the most amazing to see. I was always rugged up in my beanie and comfortable sneakers to get me through the rainy couple of days spent getting lost (so lost!) in this old city.

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Passing By Old Town In Prague

I've fallen behind on posting since a sudden cold took over my body and even my voice last week - damn you Sydney rain, I need a winter escape! Bedridden the past weekend with lots of movies in queue and honey/lemon anything. It left me dreaming about Prague and even though it was raining the weekend we spent there, it didn't stop our curious minds from wandering. Or getting sick. Anyway, I'm back and I'm feeling better now.

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Video: Europe Travel Diary

I was going to wait until I had posted all my adventures from Paris to share this video with you all but, after finishing the final edit earlier this week and showing it to my first viewer (my bf!) last night he wanted me to put it up right away. So here it is, the video diary from my current travels around Europe!

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