Sydney Flower Markets

As previously mentioned, flowers make me happy. I'm not a florist or anything but I do love to travel and pick up my blooms for the office and home from Sydney Flower Markets. They often make a sneaky appearance in my photographs, like these David Austin roses and Peonies or as the centre of attention, like these tips I shared on taking care of our summer favourites.Its become a monthly (sometimes fortnightly!) morning pleasure/happy place and I guess it's become a little obvious because I've surprisingly received alot of messages and emails with questions about it. So, I thought I would dedicate a post to answer them for you and anyone else wondering.

Sydney Flower MarketMonday - Saturday, 5am-11am

It's Australia's largest flower market for fresh cut flowers and the growers that sell here supply to florists all over Sydney, regional NSW and ACT, the great news is that it's also open to the general public - great for everyday flower lovers like you and I to grab a bargain! I would suggest going on a Saturday morning, there's no entry fee and you can make a day out of it for the weekend.

Florists get in early and pick up their load for the day/week from their growers, but that's totally off the topic because we're not florists are we? So forget about that, for you and I, I wouldn't suggest going at the crack of dawn. My ever first visit was at 5am but even though I woke up with a burst of excitement and got some cheap bunches of flowers and stopped by a bakery after and had freshly baked croissants (the best!) for breakfast and a delicious morning latte that set me up for the day (overall, a great day) I don't think there's any need to rush... Besides, it's way more fun to sleep in anyway.
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I highly recommend going between just before 8am to 9am. Reasons being: You get a little sleep in, the growers tend to put the prices down (they're already cheap, but they get even cheaper! Think $8 to $5, $5 to $2), the growers, well the ones I look for anyway (you'll find that the more often you go you know what growers sell your favourites) are still set up and just about ready for packing up, hence the discounts and there's not that much gunk compared to when they're about to close up.

I've also planned to go the day before and slept through my alarm but from 10am onwards expect only to find a selected few growers left, buckets of only one kind of flower (I've experienced the market just filled with roses and gerberas, not a big fan of the latter) and a lot of water and gunk on the floor.

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In regards to prices, it depends on what you're looking for. Here's some examples of what I've picked up from the markets - half a dozen of david austin roses for $1, a bunch of gardenias for $1, hyacinths for $1-$4, a bunch of hydrangeas for $4, a bunch of calla lilies for $5, a bunch of sunflowers for $5, half a dozen peonies for $10. I guess now all you need to do is compare them to your local florist, set your alarm and visit Sydney Flower Markets armed with your basket! Good luck!

P.S.Wear shoes. x Photo and handwriting illustration: Aubrey Daquinag for The Love Assembly