Last weekend was the first time I'd been out since being back in Sydney. 99.9% sure I got sick from my vampire ways (day was night and night was day for me thanks to jetlag! Actually wait vampires don't sleep at all, forget that!) and the sudden coldness I experienced in Sydney from my last 38 degrees destination, Dubai. Or you can just call it post-holiday blues.. Whatever, I'm back to feeling like a normal person again - HI!Fashion - Polka dotsFashion - Polka dotsFashion - Polka dotsFashion - Polka dotsFashion - Polka dotsWhat I'm wearing: Muji shirt (similar here and here), J Brand jeans, Glassons belt, Beau Coops boots, COS bag, Rayban sunglasses & Uniform Wares watchSaturday dinner and drinks were in order at Galileo Restaurant with a plan to wander around the city and see the Vivid Sydney lightshows after. We finished dinner (which you can also purchase and experience here) just minutes before midnight so we only got to see peeks of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge lit up with a couple of fireworks popping away.The two chain stores that I was really excited to shop at on my recent trip (because I'm from Sydney and you can't get any items from these two stores in Australia!) were COS and Muji. They're just filled with those simple quality items that I absolutely love, for an affordable price. I picked up this polka dot shirt in Bangkok and paired it with the usual black skinnies and flat ankle boots for dinner. I've had these boots for years and they're still my favourite! They're simple with a hint of detail at the back, just the way I like it. Oh! And I got a haircut! I really needed a change and this is the shortest I've cut it so far with Kiko as my inspiration. I'm still re-adjusting to the feeling of nothing falling on my back when I flick my head up after a shower but so far, so good. It's actually easier for me to maintain - all I have to do is messily comb my hair with my hands and smudge in a bit of wax for it to look decent. I may have the guts to go that little bit shorter on my next visit to the hairdresser. We'll see!
All Photos: Paul Serra for The Love Assembly