Sarah is 1/2 of Sydney based jewellery label Sarah & Sebastian. Along with her partner Robert, the couple launched their label in September 2011, quickly becoming recognized for its beautifully handcrafted fine jewellery. With only two collections and a collaboration with Hatmaker, the duo have already captured a cult following (including The Sun Herald's Fashion Editor, Kate Waterhouse) with each piece handmade with love in their studio in Bondi.  What’s on your bedside table?RUSSH & Harper's Bazaar, my iPad and my crochet needles (teaching myself how to..!)How would you spend your last $100?Hmm...On petrol? So Robert and I can go on a road trip. He is from Germany and hasn't explored nearly enough of Australia!Current obsessions:I have a list…Fashion : Eska Alikai, the leather is beyond.Songs: Anything by Tallest Man On Earth, recently purchased tickets for his tour in March!Food: Kale Smoothies, organic & delicious.Fun: Stand up paddle boarding, in Rose Bay. What sparked the idea for Robert and yourself to start a jewellery label?I love making things with my hands! I found myself at a point where I needed a project so I started making jewellery for friends. It was lucky that Robert also studied as a goldsmith so he could help me.. It all began from here.Did you study anything in particular?I completed a Bachelor of Design (Hons) at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney and I would love to pursue jewellery/accessory design as a career.Favourite and least favourite parts of your job?Favourite: Making a piece of jewellery and seeing the recipient adore it. It gets better when you hear from the same person months later and learn they have cherished it. Also, learning a new technique. I know I have so much more to learn, I am taking a jewellery making class soon to expand my knowledge and skills. This is pretty exciting for me! Least favourite: Spending hours on a piece that I accidently melt or break. Disaster!   Inspiration comes from...Everywhere! I am constantly researching images from fashion, photography, architecture, nature, etc. I also find myself being inspired by jewellery connection methods, forms & stone setting techniques... and the list goes on.A day in the life of Sarah...In addition to our label, I work full-time at Scanlan & Theodore. If I’m not there, I am making jewellery. I find myself to be quite lucky though, because we make everything ourselves, we have been able to work on some collaborations and different projects that allow us to always be creating. (Sketching, experimenting with metals etc.) I do feel the pressure sometimes, but because I love what I do, it’s never an issue.What’s next?We are currently designing our next collection and working on another collaboration with Hatmaker that will be  launched soon! Otherwise, we are focusing on establishing ourselves as an Australian jewellery label that people know to be of quality and ethical in production and values. For our editorial pieces, I would like to explore jewellery more from the perspective of wearable art.3 tips of advice for budding jewellery designers wanting to start their own business:Start! I hesitated getting my own desk and start making jewellery, for reasons I'm not sure of, but I am so grateful for where this initial step has taken me.I know it’s a cliché but do what you love. If you're honest to yourself and your designs, you can't go wrong. I think be inspired by fashion, but don’t base everything you create on trends.Have an ethical business practice. Be conscious of where and how you outsource work, use recycled materials and recycle your waste, be aware of the source of your diamonds, metals etc. All photos: From Sarah & SebastianCollage by The Love Assembly