We thought we'd do a little something different and feature interviews with men working across the creative industries. So for the month of March we've dedicated our interview section to a couple of creative men, from Fashion to Lifestyle and Design. First we have Robert Sebastian, co-founder and designer (along with his partner Sarah Gittoes) of jewellery label, Sarah & Sebastian.  What’s on your bedside table?A book about product manufacturing techniques, Kafka’s Metamorphosis and “Too Much Coffee Man” comics.How would you spend your last $100?Most likely in a nice restaurant!Current obsessions:Painting things white – we just moved to a new apartment in Coogee, and I'm very close to even painting the floorboards – Sarah is obsessed with Pinterest and showed me this amazing photo of an all-white apartment, I think that’s what I am secretly aiming for..How did your interest in jewellery design begin?I always knew I wanted to design things and loved the idea of designing and making a piece from beginning to the end.Experience/Study:I studied gold smithing and industrial design for about 7 ½ years.Favourite and least favourite parts of your job?Favourite part – the last weeks before we release a new collection when everything comes together: working on prototypes and shooting the look book. Least favourite – the business related paperwork.Inspiration comes from:Wherever I am – Nature, products, old jewellery, art, stories – our last collection started with a conversation about utopia from Thomas More.A day in the life of Robert…The great thing about my job is, there is no such thing as a typical day – everyday tasks are of course jewellery making, our pieces are made to order so there is always something to do. Beside that it’s a mix of meetings, organising orders, suppliers, catching up with our great PR Team, research for new pieces, working on new ideas, experimenting with materials, this list could go on.And – cooking. I love to cook!What’s next?First of all of course to continue building our network of stockists. We just released a small injection range and some pieces in collaboration with Hatmaker, now we are working on our prototypes for our Autumn/Winter collection coming in April. We are also planning to expand our workshop this year.3 tips of advice for budding jewellery designers wanting to start their own business:Be honest, be yourself and work hard.  Photo: Sent to The Love Assembly from Robert