Prague Captured In 13 Photos

You can kind of make out from the photos that there was no sunshine on the weekend we spent in Prague - except for the day we were leaving. Trust! Even though the skies were grey the architecture here was the most amazing to see. I was always rugged up in my beanie and comfortable sneakers to get me through the rainy couple of days spent getting lost (so lost!) in this old city. Pretty much saving me from being completely drenched and sore feet.

Our first dinner in Prague | Views walking down from Prazsky hrad | In travelling uniform at our local cute cafe | Our favourite for morning coffee | Daisies & Crowns | Cobblestone streets| Prague Castle | The view of Charles Bridge from our first dinner | Passing by Old Town Square | First snack - Grilovany hermelin & Grilovaná klobása  | Up against the doors of Prague Castle | Artwork dessert at Mandarin Oriental | Chram svateho Mikulase

We were treated to Lime & Tonic experiences for our stay here. I do some work with them in the Sydney office so it was nice to see where it all started and meet the Founder. They definitely knew how to blow us away - the moment we arrived to our apartment we had to take a shot of Absinthe for tradition, which I've never even tried before! A little Czech snack and some wandering later then it was onto our first degustation dinner, already booked and prepared for with the view of Charles Bridge right along the river.We got so lost in this city (mainly because the signs weren't as easy to read as our previous stops) so I knew I always had to wear comfy sneakers a.k.a cushion feet from all the walking we would be doing. The cobblestone streets and old gothic style architecture is definitely one worth walking to see!
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