One of the stores I was excited to visit in London was & Other Stories, the new luxury brand from the H&M group that launched earlier this year in March. I really like the brand identity behind the label and also loved the merchandising of their debut store on Regent Street, which you can see photos of in my London Photo Diary. I wasn't really a fan of the clothing (although I did buy one t-shirt) but I did spend a large amount of time in their beauty section, which, if you've been to you would know why.To pair with my favourite face mist, I bought this bottle of body mist in Shinjuku Bloom - it's that punch of refreshment that I love about mists and this smells so delicious that I even started to use as room spray for a couple of our following apartments! I've stopped with that now though but still continue to spray it on my body and smell like "Scattered cherry blossom petals after the rain..." Hopefully that's equally as good as smelling like a flower.
Polaroid: Aubrey Daquinag for The Love Assembly