Passing By Old Town In Prague

I've fallen behind on posting since a sudden cold took over my body and even my voice last week - damn you Sydney rain, I need a winter escape! Bedridden the past weekend with lots of movies in queue and honey/lemon anything. It left me dreaming about Prague and even though it was raining the weekend we spent there, it didn't stop our curious minds from wandering. Or getting sick. Anyway, I'm back and I'm feeling better now.Hopefully absence makes the heart grow fonder?
Old Town, PragueOld Town, PragueOld Town, PragueOld Town, PragueOld Town, PragueI love Mr Mittens beanie, Zara coat, Glassons knit (similar here), Acne jeans, Isabel Marant sneakers, CĂ©line trio pochette & H&M umbrella (similar here)We passed by Old Town a few times, it's on the way to Charles Bridge and there's plenty of buildings, shops, eateries we came across on the way. Prague was the one destination from my trip that I didn't buy anything from (besides for food and those kind of essentials) except for a new, totally unexpected 4 wheeler carry-on bag. Which, by the way, I highly recommend for making anyones travelling life easier!I accidentally locked my keys inside my previous suitcase and when we arrived to our hotel in Brussels we had to cut open my bag! It was already being a pain since the handle broke in London (that's another story about freaking out and rushing because we thought we were going to miss our train) so I knew I was only doing us a favour.You may have noticed me twirling in this outfit in my Europe Video Diary I posted a few weeks ago. This coat came in all black and half black/half white. After counting how many dark coloured coats I ended up purchasing on my trip I chose to go with the latter and have had no regrets!
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