When it's time to start packing for new travels, my polaroid has always been at the top of my camera list. I feel like the more the world gets digital we often forget to print photos or they don't become an option for printing at all. I'm guilty for it! If I printed all of my photos from my digital cameras it would send me broke... There's just too many! A piece of me is still attached to the analog world though; the kind where coffee tables are stacked with vintage photo albums underneath filled with memories all captured on film...Travel Polaroids | The Love AssemblySo I've been creating my own albums, with polaroids and postcards I've snapped and collected from around the world. These are a few from Bali, India, London, and even my hometown of Australia. These places were once just a part of my imagination, but now they're real... and I have lots of polaroids for memories! Fuji have so many different colours it's so hard not to want them all:

What's your dream destination you would like to capture?