On our last (Sun)day in London we stopped by Columbia Road Flower Markets and then headed to Brick Lane Markets shortly after. Cups of fresh colourful fruit were being laid out as we got there and all the stall holders were just unpacking their items. We got coffee at Brick Lane Coffee and a slice of red velvet before roaming around - even though it was like, 7 in the morning! I had Kahaila on my list and man, that red velvet did not dissappoint!

Leopard iPhone 5 case (similar here)

We didn't have much time to hit these markets like I wish I could've but one thing I did buy was a new iPhone cover that has been well overdue for my iPhone 5! It's that perfect kind of leopard print!! I kind of get excited when I find little things like this because when it comes to the leopard print pattern, it has to be that perfect-non-tacky-classic-coloured-spots-spaced-evenly-kind-of-leopard-print... You know?Anyway, I'd say put aside a few hours for Brick Lane markets if you love searching for vintage gems and treasures, because I really think there was so much more to see and shop! I had the glimpse of so many wonderful things while powerwalking back to get our bags and head to the station. But as much as I did wish we had more time here it didn't compare to the feeling when we arrived at our next stop... Paris.
Photo: Aubrey Daquinag for The Love Assembly