LATAM Airlines Business Class Review

As much as we can all agree that travelling is fun, at times it can be super tiring - especially coming from land of faraway lands (Australia) - with twenty-something plus hours of being in transit being quite the norm. This is definitely where premium and up class in airlines become noticeable in my books! Anything under eight hours is a piece of cake in the sky. My travels within South America were short pleasant trips in Economy but for my return back to Australia I was happy to partner with LATAM Airlines and experience flying Business Class from Santiago to Sydney. 

LATAM Airlines Business Class Review

 First up, the LATAM VIP Lounge in Santiago. I was pretty flustered when arriving to Santiago airport, I don't think I was completely ready to let go of the vibrant latin culture and tried to spend every last minute getting the most of it all. It was nice to be able to freshen up in the showers, have a little something to eat, chill out comfortably and work on my laptop before the long-haul flight that awaited on LATAM's Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. 

The Flat Bed

These are by far my most favourite feature of flying Business Class. LATAM's seats in Business class have plenty of space and can be reclined to a fully flat bed (some others are just missing a tiny bit) where you get more than just sleep but feel recharged and ready to start a fresh new day if you happen to be on a red-eye flight like I was. You are even offered an extra mattress, thick duvet and an extra pillow for a much more comfortable journey. 

Inflight Amenity Kit

I was sitting next to a business man that was flying to Australia for meetings in bringing back the train and tram transport system to Santiago. The amenity kits are by Salvatore Ferragamo, men receive it in black and women in cream. They were quite the delight with goodies including a vanity mirror, lip balm, hand and face cream, a comb, socks, eye mask, a toothbrush with paste and even tissues. Super chic in minimalism branding too. 

The Food

Upon arrival, I enjoyed warm peanuts and sipped on my last Pisco sour which was muy delicioso! Great life decisions with my healthy options for food also. I really enjoyed the prosciutto salad with balsamic vinegar dressing and Haagen Dazs Belgian chocolate ice cream. The only low point was probably the latte's on the menu which wasn't available on the rare occasion but an omelet, fruit salad and juice was a satisfying breakfast before landing. 

Inflight Entertainment

There was a great selection of movies and shows to watch and music to listen to. I tuned in to tunes from Bob Marley and managed to get through two movies (The Revenant and How To Be Single, which is hilarious by the way!) when I wasn't snoozing on the flat bed. Hope you enjoy the video! Big thanks to LATAM Airlines for my comfortable flight back home from my solo travels around South America. The Love Assembly Travel and Style Blog was welcomed and experienced LATAM's Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner as a guest from Santiago to Sydney. My opinion is - as always - my own.