Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Japanese Restaurant Toko's Autumn season menu, with a lunch tasting in their Sydney restaurant. We were welcomed with delicious 'light' lychee & jasmine mojito's, my favourite kind of mojito I've tried so far - it wasn't too strong or to bubbly, it was just perfect! But the goodness didn't stop there, we had the executive chef, Benjamin Orpwood come out and go through the traditional Japanese methods and each dish - there were 8 dishes, plus dessert! Here are our highlights...


Toko / 490 Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney

If you enjoy the slimey texture of seafood like I do, you'll love the 'ika temari.' The 'hiramasa no usuzukuri' is your classic clean-cut king fish, my favourite entrée when dining for Japanese, I could probably have that plate all to myself! It's just so simple but has amazing flavours... I'm not going to lie, my mouth is watering as I type this (haha! No, but really.) The best part, dessert! Just because I have a sweet tooth in general. They served a selection of their classics, like that kind of cake that oozes with chocolate when cut or the homemade ice-cream and sorbet selection that pretty much makes it a match made in chocolate/ice-cream heaven. My favourite was the 'coconattu pannacotta', see that bowl on the right that just looks like it's filled with foam - that's it! You dip your spoon in with no idea of what to expect and out comes the perfect mix of all three elements, the coconut pannacotta, sliced strawberries and that coconut flavoured foam... Let's just go back for dessert, shall we?
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All Photos and handwriting illustration: Aubrey Daquinag for The Love Assembly