Video: Japan Travel Diary

The feelings that arise when visiting a new country are inevitable: a mix of excitement, joy, frustration, exhilaration, fear, love, loneliness, independence... Japan was that for me - the first international trip this year for The Love Assembly. The three cities on the list: Osaka, Kyoto and Nara.

It was my very first time to travel to Japan and although I didn't visit Japan's bustling capital (which everyone was really surprised about when I told them?! No I didn't go to Tokyo. No I didn't walk across Shibuya Crossing, but that's okay. All the more reason to go back!), it was so refreshing to wander and just cycle around somewhere a lot less typical - a small town north of Kyoto called Ine. A place that, unexpectedly, ended up being my favourite part of this trip. An experience I loved the most.I think it was because - looking back now - I unknowingly left all of my expectations behind. I feel like that's something we don't really do anymore, it's like we subconsciously create a note that this is what it's suppose to be, this is how it should be, and if it's not fulfilled we feel a sense of disappointment. Perhaps it's because, more than ever before, we have so much access to travel information that we already set our expectations before even arriving to our destination to experience it in the present, fully.Japan taught me that. And although it was a trip for "work" (call it what you will) it showed me the magic that comes with all of the unexpected things of travel, of life. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did creating it! Oh and remember to watch it in HD.

I have always planned and by all means I'm all for it, but I do leave space in between for getting lost, doing whatever I feel like on that day, and I highly encourage you to also, if you don't already do so with your travels.We never know what the future holds, we can only experience what comes our way. It's the beauty of travel, the things we least expect can come our way and we can only enjoy all that it teaches us.Have you travelled around Japan? I’d love to see and hear what you got up to! If you haven’t but this video gave you a little spark of wanderlust, please share! Happy travels!View more of our Video Diaries:

The Love Assembly travel and style blog traveled to Japan in partnership with Japan Tourism. My opinion is, as always, my own.