What Not To Miss Out On In Jaisalmer, India


When I travelled to India, my favourite city in the North was Jaisalmer. If you ever find yourself wanting to get a dose of not-so-typical culture and book a trip to this country, I highly suggest you make your way here. Here's a few things I did in this city and wanted to share with you... It was patchwork heaven, camel safari fun, sunset dancing in the desert, tea time (all the time), valentines day on top of the fort, rose petals sealed with love, generous amounts of sula, meeting new friends and group dinners, sunrise from our camp, wandering through jaisalmer fort, getting lost and spending for presents to bring back home.Wandering around is probably the best way in any city to just explore. I always find different forms of architecture incredible and since it's such an old country the details in the forts are certainly like no other. As you wander to and through Jaisalmer Fort, you will find plenty of bazaars selling colourful patchwork in every kind of piece you can imagine, the city is known for this - from clothing and interiors to little purses for the mens opium stash back in the day. I picked up some bindi's and tikka's here and a wall hanging to frame as a souvenir. Remember to bargain! I'm not very good at that so I got my boyfriend to do it.Related: Travel Style - Enchanting IndiaThis was my favourite thing I did in Jaisalmer. It’s suggested you go just before or after winter in India so that it’s not unbearably hot whilst you’re exploring the sand dunes. In February the weather was just right for us, the early mornings and nights were cold though! But seeing the sunrise from camp and sunset from the dunes kind of make you forget about it and instead, focus on getting a beautiful photograph. At least that’s how I felt anyway.Related: 5 reasons why you should travel to India

There’s quite a few restaurants with a rooftop view of the city and it’s nice to soak up the days in an atmosphere like so. Have an early dinner and watch the sunset with friends or new travelers you’ve met over wine (sula was my favourite) or sit down in the afternoon and enjoy a masala chai as you read a book or write in your travel journal. A lot of them also have free wifi so you can do that instagram update you’ve been wanting to since like, the day you landed. (Hello everyone! Yes, I'm alive.) I went vegetarian during my time in India and here's a couple of my favourite dishes I enjoyed with roti and/or parata and yoghurt to ease of the chilli spice:Kanai Paneer, cottage cheese with a tomato base dish.Baingan Ka Bharta, a smoky and spicey eggplant dish.Kaju Curry, a seasoned cashew nut curry with coriander leaves. Read more: The Taj Mahal, up close
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