When You Feel Like Giving Up, Do This Instead

Dreams and goals are damn hard work; you'll be on your way to making them reality, then there’ll be times when you feel like giving up. Trust me, those days are inevitable. You’ll feel unmotivated, unsatisfied, and think about tossing it all in and calling it a day. But then where does that lead you?Inspirational Life Motivational Quotes - When You Feel Like Giving Up

Look back on how far you've come

Let’s face it, we are our own worst critics. Sometimes we’re so focused on our bigger goals that we lose track of what we’ve achieved along the way. Your sights should be set on moving forward - no doubt - but when you feel like giving up, it helps to look back on what you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come. It may be that you’ve picked up 1+ collaborations, instead of none, or that you’re making 10% more on sales than you did 6 months ago, or you’ve learnt from your mistakes and know how to handle the next project you’ll land. It’s all a learning process and you’ll be able to get out of the ‘ugh-this-is-going-nowhere’ rut when you look back and realise how much you’ve achieved so far. Then, use this to re focus on where you plan on going. 

Create a collage of all the things that you desire

Sometimes all it takes are little reminders for a burst of inspiration. When you take time out to create a collage of all the things that you desire they serve as personal reminders for tough times. Source inspirational quotes, dream apartments or destinations, and create an inspiration board that you can keep referring back to to get you back on track when you feel like giving up. Our desires change throughout different stages in life so your inspiration board will constantly be evolving, but dream big, and make sure you wake up everyday with motivation to chase them.Related: Ideas To Transform Your Creative Space 

Share your goals

There’s a little secret that I discovered earlier on this year about goal-setting, and I’ve tried it out to see if it works. It involves sharing your goals; letting it all out there for the world to see. Of course there’ll be things that you’ll keep to yourself but whether you choose to share a big goal with a loved one, your audience, or peers, it puts you into a position of being exposed to accountability. Bonus points if the person/people you share it with constantly pushes you towards achieving it. Sometimes all we need is a kick in the butt to get going again. 

Create a playlist

I have many playlists for different moods, travel destinations and occasions. I even like to get creative with naming them - two of my favourites are ‘Wanderer (heart beats)’ a mellow feel for my solo travels and ‘Notorious A.U.B’ for when I’m feeling like a G-Dawg (yes, this does occasionally happen and yes I’m comfortable with letting you know because we’re pretty close now, right?) I suggest you try it: search for new songs and listen to playlists accordingly. Music really does soothe your soul, inspire new thoughts and ideas, or gets you pumped up like you’re the best rapper in town ready to conquer the day. Best thing is, whatever’s playing through your headphones is your own little secret. Hehehe 🙊 Finally, when you feel like giving up…

Remember why you started

You should know by now that nothing worth having ever came easy. It takes courage, hard (and smart) work, dedication, and persistence in order to achieve the success that you desire. Look back on how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved, brush off any negativity, put all of your energy towards strategic actions instead of complaining, and remember why you started.

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” 

(insert fist emoji here - that's a virtual punch from me to you :) )Read more: What Happens When You Do What You Love...