Top Tips From My Solo Travel Talk with Away

After just one year of living in London, I had my very first talk in partnership with Away, one of my favourite modern travel luggage and accessories brands! If you haven’t heard of Away, they were a pioneer in including an inbuilt portable charger to their simple and sleek carry-on’s as a great introduction to the world of smart luggage. A true lifesaver when you’re running an online business and living this digital lifestyle.

The theme was Celebrate Getting Away—Solo which was held at the UK Flagship Store in Covent Garden. I was joined with some amazing travel experts, from women behind the companies Intrepid Travel, Refinery 29 and The Guardian. The dynamic of the panel was awesome and there were a lot of tips and advice that we collectively spoke about and so I thought I would share a few, just in case you’re thinking of traveling solo for the first or 100th time:

Top Tips & Take-Aways for Traveling Solo

  • Download Google Maps offline

    “By downloading Google maps offline you will be able to have access to the map and your location even without a wifi connection. So if you love to have a bit of a wander (which I highly suggest) you know that having maps downloaded offline will be there - and gives you peace of mind even if you don’t use it - just in case you can’t quite remember the directions to get back.” — Yours truly, Travel Photographer, Blogger and Author of WANDER LOVE on “Any practical tips for first time solo travelers?”

How to:
1. Type the destination you are traveling to in the top search bar on Google Maps eg. London
2. Slide the bar up from the bottom of the screen
3. Click the 3 dots on the top right of the screen and select ‘Download offline map’ You’ll be able to select how close or wide you would like to download with the rectangle then click ‘Download’

  • Know that you don’t have to hang out with everybody or do everything if you feel like they are not your people.

    “Pick and choose who you want to hang out with and don’t be afraid to say no if you feel like you just don’t click.” — Georgina, on “How do you ditch people you don’t want to hang out with when traveling solo?”

  • You will be surprised how far sign language and using your hands will be able to get you.

    “It’s definitely helpful and courteous to learn phrases but never underestimate the power of a few hand gestures here and there.”  — Bex, Senior Editorial Manager, Intrepid Travel on “Is it necessary to learn the language or key phrases when traveling solo to a new destination?”

  • A scarf!

    “You can use it to cover yourself when visiting temples, as a shawl if you’re feeling a little cold, scrunch it up and use it as a pillow whilst in transit. It was a last minute thing that I packed in my bag before a trip but it ended up being a lifesaver.” — Charlie, Strategist at Refinery 29 on “What is one essential item to pack?”

Two days after I had another and I was on the panel for ‘Honing your voice in a loud world’ at the first Borderless Live, which is presented by WTM London and the first of its kind specifically for content creators and social media influencer marketing.

I hope you learnt something new in these tips I’ve curated to share, or have been kindly reminded again of some forgotten advice that could be useful on your next trip.

Up next, more on the business and strategy side of travel blogging, content creation and social media influencer marketing for the Borderless Live Event. Woop woop!

Watch more from the night with Away here.

This post was created in partnership with Away.