How To Pack A Suitcase


My next trip is in 4 sleeps (but hey who's counting). I received my Antler suitcase just in time and I thought I'd show you how to pack a suitcase for your travels in 3 simple steps. I'm traveling to Bali, somewhere I've been a handful of times before but super excited to be exploring different parts of the island. I'll be there for 10 days - just enough time to re energise before starting a big year ahead. 

How To Pack a Suitcase For Your Travels

How to pack a suitcase - Travel Fashion Style Blog

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Start with the essentials

Your 'essentials' vary depending on what destination(s) you're traveling to. Think about where you'll be going and what you'll be doing there, then pick 3-5 items that are a must. Try to be as minimal as possible. I'm traveling to a tropical destination so my top 3 essentials are:Beauty: I'm quite minimal in the beauty department and not much changes when I'm traveling. For this time it's the tropics so the number one item I need for my skin is sunscreen - one for the body and one for the face (usually a tinted moisturiser for me!)Accessories: The sun will be blazing so sunglasses are in my top 3 essentials.Apparel: Bikinis. Because majority of the time I'll be 1. at the beach, 2. in or by a pool and 3. always by the ocean. I like to mix & match so I've packed a couple of sets. [show_shopthepost_widget id="507671"]  

Plan your outfits

It's best to plan your outfits to avoid overpacking. I genuinely love light, breathable and comfortable pieces to easily slip on over the top of my bikini for summer travels. For minimal packing: place your outfits you plan to wear on top of your bed, then get ride of half of what you planned. Don't be ashamed to re-wear items: one pair of bottoms (shorts/skirts/jeans) can go a long way if you match it with different tops, and vice versa. A colour palette always helps, I'm sticking to lots of whites (it really pops when you get a nice tan), natural blue denim and a few printed creams.Related: Packing for a Stylish Summer Escape with Condé Nast Traveler [show_shopthepost_widget id="507675"]  

Add the final touches

Whether they're accessories, vitamins, or medicine, make a travel checklist for your final items and add them towards the end. These will most likely be the items that will be by your side in your carry-on suitcase. Mine are usually my camera gear for photography and tech stuff for blogging. Add your final touches and start rolling or folding. Whichever packing style suits you best.[show_shopthepost_widget id="507683"] Read more: Simple Ways to be a Fashionable Traveller