How To Make Money Blogging


When I started The Love Assembly, my number one intention was never to make money blogging. Instead it was to create, inspire and build a community of like-minded people to connect with. 'Do what you love and the money will follow', as they say. Of course, this as a number one priority also leads to bigger things, and when you're set to build a brand online a solid foundation and purpose is super important to establish from the very beginning.In a city where I intially knew no one, I set a goal to attend at least one networking event or meeting per week, and with that on my agenda I can definitely say I’ve been able to meet some pretty creative people ever since moving to Melbourne. There's a few common questions that always make their way into initial conversations when you meet someone new, and the number one question which I still receive to this day that people are always curious about is 'how do you make money as a blogger?' or 'how do you make money blogging?' 

How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money BloggingI'll be honest and say when I first found out how to make money blogging I was pretty clueless about the whole thing and was sure that you couldn't earn a living from it. My first insight into making money in the blog world was when I was approached by an affiliate marketing (read below to find out more about how to make money blogging with affiliate programs) company from the United States. I was still dabbling about on blogspot (a blogging platform, now I use Wordpress), sharing photos of my style and linking to the products online for my small audience of readers to be able to purchase. I didn't pay much attention to the initial contact from the company but when they followed up and showed me what to do exactly - and how seamless it was - it sparked my curiosty to find out more. I was pretty clueless at the beginning many years ago, but I learnt everything purely with my curiosty and drive to now eventually earn and receive most of my freelance work through my blog. So I thought it would be really helpful if I shared the ways on how to make money blogging with you. 

Here's a list of how to make money blogging:



Just like you see in newspapers, magazines and on tv, advertising on blogs is a common way to make money blogging. Compared to traditional media, the stream of revenue for advertising online has many different forms such as CPM (cost per impression), CPC (cost per click), text links, sponsored posts (creating content in collaboration with a brand - this can be for your newsletter, social networks or your blog itself), and charging a daily/weekly/monthly amount for the ad to be displayed on your blog. 

Affiliate Marketing

When you start a blog, it's really important to create your identity and focus (your niche - more on this in another post!), establish who you will be talking to (your target market) and why (your purpose). It's essentially your bread and butter and what will keep you going when you feel like giving up. When you start to gain eyeballs and build up your readership, these are people interested in what you're talking about, and there's affiliate programs that you can join where you earn a commission for every product you share and someone buys. So for example, if you build a fashion blog, your readers visit because they love your style. When you link to products that you're wearing - or something similar - everytime a reader clicks and buys an item, you receive a commission. This also goes for books, flights, hotels.. Most things you can buy online. A few affiliate progams include Reward Style, Commission Factory, Amazon, and other online stores may have an independant program that you can email and ask to join. 


Have a particular skill or expertise? Of course you do! Use this and share your services online through your blog. Common services I've been introduced to are content creation, photography, social media management, digital marketing and writing. You can also take this offline and offer your services to businesses in your specific location. 

eBooks & eCourses

There are also plenty other options for your skills and expertise to be taught online through eCourses. I personally haven't attended or done an eCourse but I have purchased a fair few of eBooks in my time, from personal stories, travel guides, business tips and recipes. This path is one I've been looking into for The Love Assembly for a while and wanting to create for you actually. I do have some ideas floating around from our last survey but I'd love to know and ask again out of curiosity, what kind of eBook would you be interested in reading?I hope this list provides an insight into the online world and how you can earn from your blog. If there's any particular topics you would like to know more about do leave a comment below! I'd love to know.