Yoko Ono Exhibition In Germany

The continuation to this in Frankfurt, Germany. We spent most of our time here visiting family and when we stumbled across Yoko Ono's Exhibition at Schirn Kunsthalle I made sure to make time for it on our second and last day here. It was two levels of installations, poetry, video photography and music. Plus a little interactive maze.20130626-183941.jpg

20130626-183928.jpg20130626-183935.jpgThere's always that sense of honesty in Yoko's work; the kind of work that I love. This has been the most of her work that I've seen before. The past exhibitions that I've been to are all photographs so it was exciting to see different formats - her biography in a glass spiral hallway with 'imagine' by John Lennon playing throughout, objects bottled, broken, framed, contained... diary entries, personal thoughts, water talk & a place to get lost in glass doors.The concept was simple: find your way to the phone sitting right in the middle. But it took time and you had to make sure to walk slow and use your hands like my photo above, otherwise you would knock your head from the illusion it was clear. It didn't happen to me but I heard some loud bangs that day! She said "Pick up the telephone when it rings." It didn't ring for me, but it has before. I'm not too sure what I would have said though...
All Photos: Paul Serra and Aubrey Daquinag for The Love Assembly