Different seasons, different flowers. Someone once said I smelt like a flower (my current perfume), and I was quite frankly happy with that! There's a particular variety of flowers that I love to pick up each season I head to the Sydney Flower Markets (it's become a happy addiction!) 

 Hydrangeas are like big puffs of fairy floss or Holly's flower bombs all on their own, have you seen them grow? They look so fun in a garden, especially with their pastel colour palette. For freshly cut hydrangeas, take care of them properly and they should last you 7-12 days to 2 weeks! Here's some tips that I learnt from the growers and general observation:

Fill up your vase with cold water, the amount of water should cover the majority of the stem.

They're extremely sensitive flowers and absorb alot of water not just through their stem but through their petals and leaves also. If you feel their looking a little 'blah' sprinkle some cold water on the actual petals or quickly dunk it in cold water. I've seen the growers splash the petals all over with other wet flowers that they've got in their hands.

Every 2-3 days or as needed re-cut the stem (underwater!) and change the water.



Calla lilies are unusual shapes, but that's what I love about them! I prefer the pastel coloured in the warmer months, like the ones above (I love how they resemble watercolour brush strokes) and burgundy for the cooler months.) With the right care, they can last for just over 2 weeks. 


Cut off about a half-inch of the stem (underwater!) on an angle so that they don't sit flat in the vase.


I like the mini calla lilies for our office, make sure you fill your vase with only 1-2 inches of water in the bottom with room temperature water, add more when necessary.


They're really sturdy and don't really require as much maintenance as Hydrangeas but it's best to avoid touching the flower heads to make sure they last as long as possible.


 Sunflowers just brighten up the office/day/mood. I like how they come in bunches of 5-7 but I would truly just be happy with one of these sun-worshippers in a tall vase. Someone should totally create a sunflower smiley face as an emoticon, don't you think? Here's a couple of tips for these big beautiful flowers:

Fill up your vase with room temperature water, not to warm or else you'll dehydrate them.

Check that there are no leaves that sit in the water when you put in the bunch, if there are, cut them off.

Keep them away from direct sunlight, re-cut them every 3 days and change the water.

For all flowers, it's best to cut all stems underneath water and on an angle. This way the oxygen doesn't run up the stem and doesn't restrict the uptake of water to the blooms. Also, use flower food! But not too much, follow the instructions on the packet. I hope this will help you in taking care of these 3 types flowers if you love them too! Once Autumn, Winter and Spring hit I'll be sure to show you my top favourites. In the meantime, if you have any additional tips I would love to know!

WHAT I'M WEARING___________________

Hydrangeas: Country Road polka dot knit, Céline trio pochette

Sunflowers: Rag & Bone jeans, Repetto loafers