Feel The Fear, Do It Anyway

I'm currently writing this from Sydney airport. The first flight down from three that take me on new adventures for both The Love Assembly and life in general. I have a few minutes until I jump on a plane to Dubai, then from Dubai to Rio De Janeiro.

Life Travel Inspiration - Feel The Fear, Do It AnywayLove notes left at 669 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

 All I have are two backpacks; one will meet me in Rio and the other is strapped onto my back. I don't think I’ve ever packed this light before! I have my new hiking boots on and in less than 24 hours I'll land and begin a solo trip that I have been wanting to do for a while. Seems pretty simple - almost too easy when you write it like that - but in all honesty, I'm absolutely terrified. Excited also, of course. Mixed emotions. I have travelled solo before but here’s three reasons why this time is a little bit different:1. I have never been to this destination before - I've never been anywhere in South America period.2. It’s not for work (well the first part of this trip is but the rest to follow are purely just for pleasure) and;3. My only plans are no plans.It reminds me of when travel got me thinking, about how when we travel we feel - in all depths

Indonesia, February 2015: From absolutely terrified to amazement.

Catching the boat from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan was - I can honestly say - the most scariest moment of my entire life so far. It was wet season and it was raining, really hard. The torrential rain was so intense that all that was visible through the windows was white smog. We continued on anyway, bringing us to the middle of the ocean. The rain stopped for a little while but the boats engine died three times, it was struggling and all I hoped for was that we either went back to shore to use another boat or get the motor running and take the trip non-stop to Nusa Lembongan.It started working again but then the rain poured even harder and we were going through waves and into the direction of the storm – grey skies, thick droplets of water splashing on the windows and constant rocking – up and down fighting the waves. About half way through I noticed my hands felt numb, a little while later I couldn’t control what my fingers were doing – they were shaking like crazy – almost deformed. It was the strangest thing I had ever felt. My boyfriend at the time gave me talks of relief by saying don’t worry, I can see it [the island] already, later finding out that he really couldn’t see the island he was just saying it to get me to calm down because he could see what was happening to my hands.I would look out the window and just hope to see a little glimmer of blue in the sky, somewhere – anywhere. I held on, water was dripping all over me and soaked our bags from the leaking window but I was too occupied with hoping we would reach the island already that nothing else phased me.After half an hour, I saw it, the kind of glimmer of blue I was hoping to see in the sky, but instead, I saw it in the water as our boat started to slow down. The clear blue water calmed my nerves, and the lush greenery immediately made me feel at ease. We had finally arrived to Nusa Lembongan, and my first impression – WOW. 

Melbourne, June 2016. A few things have presented itself in my life:

  • My 1 year St Kilda apartment lease is up and the decision to renew is looking slim.
  • Work for The Love Assembly is taking me to Brazil for one week, then Peru for another for a couple of campaigns that I’m so excited to be involved with.
  • In the first quarter of taking TLA full time this year, I made a significant amount selling my travel photographs - all from just a one week trip.

How funny is it how things turn out? Even though I’m absolutely terrified with what’s in store with these travels, I’m letting life lead me - this intense feeling right by my side. I think when we feel so intensely, it makes us known that we're alive. Travel makes us feel alive, and for that we stay close – passport in one hand and a sense of curiosity in the other.So let me ask you this - not to push your buttons - but merely to inspire you to conquer your own and do as the title of this post suggests: feel the fear, do it anyway - when was the last time you did something for the first time? Anything at all! Perhaps something meaningful to you like starting a project that aligns with your goals and values which come with doubts of failure, or something as simple yet sentimental as letting yourself fall in love knowing there's a chance to lose love.Where will I end up - who knows? Maybe I'll love it and stay on the road for longer. Maybe I'll go broke and have to book a flight back to Australia sooner rather than later. Maybe I'll hate it and decide to continue onto some place different - or familiar - instead. How will we ever know what will happen next if we don't try?Life unfolds in proportion to your courage, after all. 

"If it both scares and excites you at the same time. It's definitely worth pursuing."

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