Dressed up the stripes a little with this black dropped-hem skirt that is one of the first of many items I've currently been working on. The feminine shape automatically took over and next minute you know, I'm twirling and giggling like a little school girl. I couldn't help it! I loved this style so much but I could never find one that fell/fit the exact way I wanted it to. This stemmed an idea, but more on that later! Hopefully things go to plan...Fashion - stripesFashion - stripesFashion - stripesFashion - stripesFashion - stripesFashion - stripesWhat I'm wearing: COS top (similar here and here), skirt by me (similar here) & CĂ©line pouch.I did have this look paired back with these black ankle boots and a peek of black socks, the kind that just scrunches above your ankle a little. For a cooler situation I'd just add some opaques and a cream coat, but July in Sydney has had pretty amazing weather considering we're in the middle of winter right now. Hoping it stays the same so I can do some more twirling in different colours for you! Happy Friday!For a similar look:

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