I love a good market attire, including the type of bag you choose to carry along. I've got my basket for fruits and vegetables and larger items, and this little macrame style for when I'm not planning to pick up that much except for a bunch of my favourite flowers and a walk around in the sunshine.Bag from Merci, Comme des Garcons pouch (inside), iPhone 5 with leopard case, Rayban Sunglasses, Uniform Wares watch & Anemones from Sydney Flower MarketI bought this one from one of my favourite concept stores in Paris, Merci. I used it a couple of times on our visits to our local food marché to pick up some fruit and bread for breakfast, but this weekend was the first to take it out around Sydney for the flower and fashion markets. Two of my favourite things. This weekend was also filled with beautiful weather, I had a delicious lunch at The Winery on Saturday, after checking out their fashion market that even offered custom made flower crowns!Along with a couple of other bunches, I was so happy to finally pick up these anemones. They're probably the best thing about winter season, these beautiful flowers - sitting closely beside snuggles and coats and layers and the feeling of finally nestling some place warm to cope with eating your watermelon flavoured frozen yoghurt. Mmm..Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
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