Waterfall Dreams: Dancing Under Erskine Falls in Victoria

There's very few natural wonders in the world that hold the ever so attractive free-spirit of waterfalls. They're wild and flowing nature make them my favourite kind of natural wonder - always moving, always free. Discovering Erskine Falls in Victoria was everything that I had hoped for as soon as I looked down from the first look out. Climbing the rocks to make my way underneath the 30 metre drop of water was the cherry on top.Erskine Falls Waterfall in VictoriaErskine Falls Waterfall in VictoriaErskine Falls Waterfall in Victoria

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Erskine Falls Waterfall in Victoria

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Erskine Falls was at the top of my 'things to do' list whilst I was in Lorne last weekend. I was on location for work and staying at an amazing property (more on that later!) just off Australia's famous Great Ocean Road - one of the world's most scenic coastal drives.My waterfall dreams came true after a 20 minute drive from our temporary home. I was surrounded by a lush green oasis, inhaling the freshest of air and looking down at the Erskine River and 30 metre falls from the 1st look out. I walked down the track curious as ever to take in the view looking up, a few more skips over the river and we made it to lookout 2; the bottom of the falls. For a moment I just sat on the end of a big log that was conveniently positioned in front of it - front row seats to Waterfall Dreams and the perfect photo opportunity (right? hehe.)It wasn't until people told me that the water was freezing and a girl slipped and fell on her butt that I decided to give it a try. Ironic? I like to think young and reckless. Making it to the top, feeling the sprinkles of water and dancing under the waterfall was what I already had in mind when I was looking down from the 1st look out. And so after taking it all in from the edge of that log I did just that - climbed to the top, slowly (I didn't want to be the second victim of slipping) made my way to the middle to feel the heavy drops of water and danced underneath the waterfall, and damn it felt good!The walk down to lookout 2 is easy, and can be done and dusted in about half an hour return. But I definitely suggest to save a couple of hours to just hang out down below. We had a booking for dinner at 6:30pm but lost track of time only to realise that it was 6:15pm and we had spent close to 2 hours there.If you ever decide to take a road trip along The Great Ocean Road - or escape Melbourne for a weekend - I would highly recommend for you stop by and discover this waterfall for yourself. But only on one condition: that you brave the cold and do the climb. Deal? Deal.Dancing under the waterfall optional. [show_shopthepost_widget id="564095"]