I was first intrigued by this parfum collaboration between Dries Van Noten & Frederis Malle when I saw it on Elin's blog earlier this year - I come back to my desk today and find this beautiful orange box labelled just that. I had been saving my purchase for a new perfume for this of a first by Dries Van Noten, but in between that time I received this one by Carven for my birthday, which I've been using as my current winter scent.I love it when floral meets musk, it mixes the best of both my worlds. "It is built around natural sandalwood, for its softness and its character, and the fact that it is simultaneously exotic and evocative of the tradition of great classic perfumes" and with hints of jasmine, vanilla and musk cocktail I already knew it was for me.This really is my kind of scent, it's beautiful.

"From now on we would be nourished by the world and guided by the requirements of a creator foreign to our trade, but capable of enriching our creative process with his aesthetics, thoughts and ideas."

—Frederic Malle

Dries Van Noten x Frederis Malle parfum available at Mecca Cosmetica from the 1st of August 2013.

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