Dear Melbourne,


It's been one year - gosh how time has flown by so fast. We first met on my early twenty-something birthday many years ago, do you remember? I watched the film Cry-Baby on top of your rooftop cinema on Swanston street, admired your gothic-style architecture around town, travelled a way away from the city for Mexican tacos only to end up disappointed with tasting bad Mexican tacos, and cheekily jumped trams. Sorry, sometimes I'm wild like that. I think I already secretly knew back then that we were meant to be. I just had that feeling, you know? I mean, I don't believe in love at first sight but I do believe in that 'click', and man we had that click! A few years later... Moving down from Sydney for good was one of the best decisions I think I have ever made in my life so far.

Now it's our one year anniversary - I hope you didn't forget! It has been a whirlwind of many different emotions, findings, realizations, an equal amount of stumbles (and having to make one of the most hardest decisions in my life), and highs. Oh so many wonderful highs. They say relationships are strengthened through clear communication and sharing feelings, and just as one of my favourite t-shirts suggests, 'feelings: it’s best to just put it out there.'

So here goes, Melbs (I hope you don’t mind I call you that), I'm putting my feelings out there, here’s what I love about you...

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Your coffee.

Okay I'll cut to the chase and say hands down, you have the best coffee in the world. I love how you don't play hard to get because really - aiin't nobody got time fo that! You know how to please the tastebuds that’s for sure. I guess I took you for granted because I never really realized how hard it was to find a good delicious cup of coffee until I stepped out of the country. This alone tugs at my heart strings Melbs, so thank you. It means a latté to me. 

Tram life.

Your trams make public transport around town super easy. I think it's cool how you've got a free tram zone in the city, I'm sure people appreciate your generosity to help them get to know you better. I’ll be honest and say I do prefer the trains - or more recently a motorbike - because it can get a little frustrating when the trams get held up by traffic. But overall, me and my Myki pass have been treated well - aka no fines! Thank God. 


The food and art culture you've got going on is awesome - definitely traits you should be very proud of. I don't think I could ever run out of things to do! I guess it's the main reason why I prefer you over Sydney, ah there, I said it! Don't get me wrong Sydney is great but yes, I'm more of a Melbourne girl. Your energy is intoxicating and just like a city does, you've influenced my style quite abit, but I don't really mind. :)

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You're weird, I like you.

Four seasons in one day huh? You're about as indecisive as I am. Haha. I've learnt my lesson the hard way but now I know to always carry a small umbrella in my bag. I generally love the cold and all elements that come with it - snuggles, coats and knitted scarves - but your winters are brutal that's for sure. More so than in London. This is something that I had to get used to but have quickly grown to love. On another note, I do admire that even if you choose to rain it doesn’t bother Melburnians plans. Something that I've learnt to adapt to as well. 

That EuropeAn Vibe.

Did I tell you that I had plans to move to London before choosing you? I'm glad I gave you a chance... I felt you were pretty close anyway with your gothic-style architecture; a very European inspired city you are. You seem to have this way with me; never disappointing my curiosity, every corner I stumble upon has left me discovering something new. I know there's still so much to learn about you but I'm so content with every opportunity you have brought my way so far.

The past year has been a ball. I moved for love, lost love, unexpectedly found love, and fell in love with a city with so much diversity. I'm so glad to have been able to call you 'home'.I'm forever saying yes to life, and it has happily brought me new experiences. Let's see where it takes me next.

Big love,