Behind The Scenes: Ideas to Transform Your Creative Space

Creative thinking requires an inspirational space, and we all know that our surroundings play a big part in lifting the mood and getting our creative juices flowing. As a travel & lifestyle blogger, I'm often limited to this, as when life takes me on the road my 'creative and inspirational space' becomes whatever's at hand: my hotel desk, the local cafe, pretty much anywhere that I can have access to wifi.When I return back to my apartment (currently in Melbourne) I have a simple white desk that I've decorated to set up my laptop and get working, and since many of you mentioned in the recent reader survey (thank you for those of you who took the time to complete this!) that you wanted to see more behind the scenes of how I run The Love Assembly, I thought I'd start by showing you a snippet of where the magic happens; my creative space. 

Home Office Ideas to Transform Your Creative Space

Creative Spaces - Home Office Ideas

A few small things to transform your home office into an inspiring creative space: 


Even though the digital era is well and truly here, I still get satisfaction from writing in a notebook (and crossing off completed tasks). I previously mentioned that I prefer notebooks with no lines, my standard is a black Moleskine (hard cover) for jotting down ideas and things to do, and these pocket travel-inspired notebooks by Rifle Paper Co. for meetings or while travelling.[show_shopthepost_widget id="1032936"] 


Every creative space needs a mood board - they're cost effective and allow you to change the look and feel of your creative space so easily. I generally go for a simple cork board and fill it up with cut-outs from magazines, polaroids of friends and quotes as little reminders. You can also use old cardboard (you're going to cover it up with pretty pictures anyway) or mix and match washi tape and stick images on your wall.See more: A Space To Create 

Old candles:

You know all those old candle jars, yeah those with beautiful branding - don't throw them away! Clean out the remainder of the wax and use them as pen holders. This one I have here is by Maison Balzac (my favourite scent - Le Soleil. If you like florals and fruity scents you'll love this too.)  The more candles you use up and collect, the more you're able to colour co-ordinate your pens/pencils/paints.[show_shopthepost_widget id="1032958"] 

Flowers and Plants:

Bring your creative space to life by placing flowers and/or greenery on your desk. Instead of placing them in a traditional vase use an old water bottle. I love the simplicity of Antipodes' bottle (a pure New Zealand water), and like to visit the local markets to pick up some bloomsDo you have any creative home office ideas? How do you like to style your creative space? Let me know in the comments below!

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