Video: Palawan Island Travel Diary

It’s evident El Nido in Palawan is a dream. Palawan Island has become an increasingly popular travel destination, recently placing #2 in Conde Nast Travelers’ best island awards!As a born and raised Australian with Filipina roots, I’m super stoked to have our most popular travel destination posts on The Love Assembly from the Philippines.

I’ve always been open to exploring more of the country, more of my culture, and it makes me so happy to see the Philippines through the eyes of many other travellers also. This time my curiosity lead me north of Palawan island, to Coron.

Most travel agents and recommended itineraries will have you only staying 3-4 days tops, but I penciled in two weeks. Two weeks to have enough time for exploring, working, travelling, shooting, living, loving and testing out different accommodation options for our travel guide. This kind of slow solo travel is my favourite. It allows time for a variety of tasks to be completed for my work but also keeps the magic of travel in my step; space for the beautifully unexpected things that come with room to wander, meet and connect with other human beings living on different parts of the globe.

Film captures more emotions than any word I could ever write I think. So I’ll let you get straight into a few snippets from my Palawan adventures - enjoy!

Next stop: U.S.A

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