Coopérative de Création


A little controversial, a lot of influence from art, Coopérative de Création is my favourite stop for jewellery in Seminyak. Although I didn't have much luck the first time I visited Bali (all the items I wanted were sold out and when I finally made up my mind about that 'today is a good day' canvas tote it was gone!) I did end up getting a little surprise the second time; this bracelet I've been wearing everyday since I received it. It has 'Remember Me' engraved on a tiny gold plate with a braided cotton band and is by French jewellery designer, Mathias Chaize

 Coopérative de Création BoutiqueJalan Raya Seminyak, Bali


I'm such a sucker for quotes and little optimistic reminders, I'm pretty sure I got it from my mum - I remember finding one of her quote books (Hi Mum!) shocked with the thought, 'Eeeeeee this is exactly what I do?!' Yes, I really make that 'eee' sound and yes, I do have a quote book. I absolutely love this saying that she gave me, it's framed and a perfect little reminder in my office.

This boutique was really the perfect accidental find and this bracelet definitely speaks with sentimental words, gifted by surprise from someone special on the way back home to Sydney. Mathias' jewellery has a variety of short engraved quotes in both English and French, which does make it hard for you to choose just one!I'm lucky I had someone do it for me.

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All photos: Aubrey Daquinag for The Love Assembly