Columbia Road Flower Market

Okay, I'll just get straight to the point - Columbia Road Flower Market is flower heaven! If you know me or you've been reading The Love Assembly from the beginning, you would know how much these beautiful blooms put a smile on my face so this post was kind of inevitable. I've now made it a personal goal to visit and share with you every flower market I visit around the world, any suggestions are welcome! I've written about my favourite summer flowers, a guide to Sydney Flower Markets and now I'm thrilled to have finally walked through Columbia Road Flower Market in London. Here's some colourful photos to feast your eyes on, my fellow flower lovers.Columbia Road Flower Market via the love assemblyColumbia Road Flower Market via the love assemblyColumbia Road Flower Market via the love assemblyColumbia Road Flower Market via the love assembly

Columbia Road Flower Market via the love assembly

The flower market and surrounding shops are open on Sundays 8am - 3pm. We were leaving for Paris on our one and only Sunday but that didn't stop my visit! We arrived at 8am and it was already busy - smiling growers and stall holders, a sea of bright beautiful colours and the freshest of freshest flowers.Even if you don't plan on picking up some blooms it's worth a stroll through. I didn't buy anything (I really couldn't unless I wanted to carry them around to Brick Lane, on the 2 hour train trip to Paris, the cab ride from the station to our Parisienne apartment and up the 5 flights of stairs - I think you get the point, ha!) but, here's a list of what I would have bought:Ranunculus (photo 1) x2 bunches - 1x white and 1x redBig bright Sunflowers (photo 2) x1 bunchWhite calla lilies (photo 4) x1 bunch - I love how they have a purple watercolour-look in the centre of each.Peonies (photo 5) x1 bunch - I was a lucky little lady to get a bunch of these in Paris for my birthdayWhat flowers would you have picked up? Read more: Europe Video DiarySign up to our newsletter for more travel and style.Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTubeAll Photos: Aubrey Daquinag for The Love Assembly