A Taste Of Brussels In 9 Photos

A stop over to Brussels in Belgium was probably more surprisingly good as I expected. Everyone I had asked about Brussels either didn't say there was much to do there or didn't say much at all. We did a short 1 day stop over before heading to Germany to visit my other-travelling-half's family and it wasn't too bad at all. Although I guess I would say that 1 day is all you need, really.20130619-151006.jpg20130619-153217.jpg20130619-144544.jpg20130619-153233.jpg20130619-153210.jpg

Dusk at Grand Place / Wandering through gardens / Complimentary wine and pistachios at The Hotel, Brussels / Out & about wearing COS blouse (similar here), skirt from a boutique in Bangkok (similar here), Uniform Wares watch & CĂ©line bag / Fritland! / Hotdogs and frites / Looking up at old buildings / First night wearing vintage coat (similar here and here) and Repetto loafers / Yves Saint Laurent exhibition

 I didn't take much photos but I figured it would be better to show you a few snaps rather than nothing at all. Two things we were looking forward to that Belgium is famous for: Chocolate and beer - me not so much on the latter. I hate beer! But oh their waffles with melted chocolate were so good! I was also really keen on trying frites (their french fries) and after walking around for so long we finally found one of the great-food-cheap-eats places - Fritland! We just copied what the locals ordered and were in for a treat. Yum!For shopping, Avenue Louise was just around the corner from our hotel which is known as 'the shopping street.' There's all your high street stores and a couple of independent boutiques just lined up. We stayed at The Hotel on Boulevard de Waterloo which was filled with high end designer labels. The view and room was amazing (we were looking forward to being spoilt a little) and they had the best service - sending up some wine and nuts to enjoy in the afternoon. It was such a pleasant stay until we checked out and received the laundry bill! Someone (not me!) decided to give half their wardrobe without looking at the prices first! Don't ask... HAHA! Let's just say he could've bought a whole new wardrobe... And some.
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