My London Hairdresser — Where to Get Blonde Balayage in London

Last summer I got a little bored with my hair and decided to get highlights when I was back in Australia. You know when you just need a new look?! It was the first time I really did anything to my virgin black curly asian hair. Those highlights took me a while to get used too - I kept looking in the mirror thinking that I was wearing a wig. Ha! I fell in love with my hair being a lighter shade but once I got back to London, I wasn’t sure which hairdresser I could trust. So when Live True London invited me in to get my hair done (and I checked out their work!) I was confident and all for it.


Asian or dark hair is hard to colour because it has to pass through pigments of black, brown, red, orange, yellow and pale yellow colours when bleached. The red pigment stage is so hard to lift and if the hairdresser hasn’t really had experience (if they’ve mainly been colouring only light Caucasian hair for example) most encounter and stay in the orange phase and the hair eventually stays that brassy tone. Which is not a good look. Nope. Nada. No thanks!


My hairdresser Yonny used the Air Touch Technique, and with a head full of foils, this blended my roots more naturally and allowed for my hair to get lighter in the time that we had. I brought my laptop and kept occupied with work and snacks (highly recommend coming prepared with snacks something to do/read) as the whole process took about five hours. Then voila - officially ash blonde and so happy with the results! What do you think?


Oh, and aftercare? This is what I use and love:

  • Purple Shampoo to neutralise the tones and maintain the ash blonde. Oribe has been my top pick as it doesn’t dry out my hair like a lot of other purple shampoos do. John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Conditioner is also a great affordable option.

  • Olaplex: The only treatment that rebuilds the bonds in the hair after intense chemical processing. It makes your hair sahhhh soft and keeps hair healthy.

  • Hair Oil to keep ends hydrated, and a hydrating hair mask once every fortnight.

This post was created and sponsored by Live True Hair Salon. I was kindly invited to receive a complimentary balayage hair colour and treatment at their Clapham branch in London. All opinions, as always, are my own.